The Release

 Her chest expands and the openness is alive within her.

The weight of the pressure releases and the lightness fills her.

The possibilities fill her heart as if they are right near her.

The breeze hits her like the front of a Texas storm



yet aggressive

a fresh light riding the clouds.

She wants this, she wants to know the answer, the answer to what success is to her.

She circles around it.

It eyes her


She can't read it, but she would not keep it if it just introduced itself.

She has to work for it

fight for and maneuver the path that is covered in brush.

She has to hack through it


Allow the sweat to come to the surface of her skin and melt away with the breeze.

The answer must lay within the tiny mounds of salt that the sweet left behind

the grains diced


harvested into tiny truths about her surroundings.

Not just her truths but only her truths.

It's there, she has it and knowing that is