Peace of Inspiration

In with a bang and out like a lite---who would have known that the same month I began this blog I would end up slacking.

As most of you all know my husband and I are in the process of building our house. By "building" our house, I mean we are actually out framing and building the house with our bare hands. We would not survive if it were not for Padre. He has been at our side every minute. So that is my excuse for abandoning this blog for the past eight months......

I have been inspired to bake, but have not had the opportunity since we are spending around 40 hours a week working on the house on top of our regular 8-5. So needless to say, cooking and baking have been placed on the back burner. (We are so grateful for Madre keeping us feed during this build).

During the past eight months my culinary skills have not been put to the test and I have been craving for time in the kitchen. On two occasions, I have made it a point to get in the kitchen. The first was to attempt my hand at macaroons. Such a simple looking desert, but do not allow the looks to deceive you. (This learning experience will be discussed at a later date). The second occasion was for a very dear friend S.

S is celebrating her birthday this week. I know that we are not to ask a lady her age or reveal it to others, so I will go about doing this by stating she is in her twenties and a little past the quarter of a century mark. S and I both sometimes get this feeling that our time is going by very quickly, however we are reminded everyday by our co-workers that we are still just a couple of kids ;).

So to help S celebrate her birthday I decided that I would make a cake I know that she loves  Brazilian Chocolate Cake. However, things went array when I was unable to find the recipe I had used once before, so I created a monster.

A little background on S and I.....(S, that would be an excellent name for a book). I met S about three years ago at work. I took her place of being the youngest in the office. She and I clicked from the beginning... I guess the young ones had to stick together :). S and I have a few things in common, very outgoing, free spirited and big dreams. Most conversations that are had between us are big dreams and she encouraging me to go with anything I can think up. S and I love to bake together. I have not ever been able to bake with someone like S. I will have an idea for a recipe and she will be saying it before I could get it out. We made excellent partners in a month of baking we did together for a local restaurant.... With that said, if I want to try something different S is the one to experiment with.

Photo taken by SV

I did research on making the Brazilian cake, but was not satisfied with the recipes that I discovered. I happened to have  Abuelita  left over from the holidays. I decided to use this Mexican hot chocolate and make a cake. S and I both have a deep love for is not always a good thing. I felt that the spiciness along with the deep chocolate flavor would be appropriate for this occasion.

So, I put together a mixture of flour sugar, eggs, butter, melted Abuelita. For a little extra umph I added a coffee liquor.

For the topping I decided to use melted  Abuelita  with a mixture of la leche. An ingredient S introduced me to, that makes a great flavor for chocolate and various other toppings.

And to top off the entire cake I went with la leche cooked with coconut. After assistance from padre and a very helpful cousin we chose to drizzle the top with melted  Abuelita .

After a taste test from Padre, it was determined that the cake was a bit dry. (which I agree with) so I would like to attempt my hand at this monster again and then share the recipe.

S was surprised by this dish and enjoyed the very homemade looking cake.

 This is another piece of evidence that not everything turns out the way you imagine. However, if we did not have that image in our head we would not have anything to look forward to.

An image of me inside my brand new kitchen surrounded with great friends keeps me going through this build. I am beyond grateful that we have this opportunity.

Today, I am making the commitment of keeping this blog awake through the build.

Thank you S for the inspiration that you are everyday. Happy Birthday!