A Quick Story of Going Back For a Quick Visit

Wow!!!!! What a crazy week!!! Some days seemed to have flown by while others were a bit stagnate!!!! And this weekend seems it is going to be just as nutty!!!!   

I have seemed to improve a bit in my drawing class and I am looking forward to a photo series I have cooking up in my head!!!  

But today I want to tell you about an interesting experience I had yesterday....  As I continue my transition from JPO to college student I was invited back to the Juvenile Probation Office for the staff meeting this week honoring a special moment for one of the co-workers. Now, 'co-worker' is a bit of an understatement. We were celebrating S!!! S, is getting married this weekend and she has become a sister to me. We met at the probation department and our friendship just could not come to an end after I made my exit. So, earlier this week I was asked to attend the weekly staff meeting. I was able to make arrangements to be a bit late for class to attend. As I made my drive to the office, late as usual, I had such a strange feeling come over me. There have been many times in my life that I have left; I have left schools, towns, jobs, people and typically I do not make my way back. I have left a time in my life that has been encased in that particular town or group of people, and I usually feel too anxious to go back and re-experience it. Typically due to my continued self-conscious issues :). So, I am making my drive back cursing at my radio because it continued to go off, and I began thinking about my caseload and thinking about things I need to be doing.....this typically happened when I was on my way to work. I was lucky to have a drive so I could prepare for the day ahead. Once I came into the building, my hands full of something that smelt tasty that C, (another 'co-worker/sister') had me lug in once I met her in the parking lot. I found myself checking the board, to ensure I was now marked in and then I felt I should check my box......both something I did everyday while I was still employed there. Then, I realized I was no longer there to work......I came in to Ms. Bev's squeal of excitement to see me (she has been there for over 30 years). I wish I can just put her in my pocket and take her out when I need someone to be excited!!!! Her love is so immense!! I made my way through the hall and finally made it to the kitchen where all had gathered. Oh the excitement and the wonder in everyone's eyes was overwhelming. After all the hugs and niceties it really felt like just another day at the office. Instead of discussing issues with my caseload, I was discussing school and life as a student and homeowner. The time came and C ushered us into the conference room to begin the weekly meeting. I took over my old spot and just sat in amazement. It felt as if I never left. Once S was given her gift and we all chatted it up a bit and listened to S conquering her nerves about the preceding week and the upcoming nuptials, they continued on with the meeting. I and another guest decided it was time to go. After hugs and 'great seeing yous' were exchanged I made my exit once again. Such a strange home like feeling came over me. These people have experienced with me some great and not so great times in the past four years. This was truly a family that was created around me. They continue to live on, doing tough work with teenagers and their families. And I have moved on knowing that I did what I was supposed to in the time I had there. On the drive back, I felt my body decompress, as it did every day after work. My mind attempting to leave the issues that I had not resolved behind waiting to be picked up on the way in the next morning.  

Every day I wonder if I have made the proper choice, and today I know that I have. I have welcoming faces to come back to in my JPO family, but there are encouraging faces too. Encouraging me to go out there and take on my next adventure. Oh my, I am so grateful!!!