A Quick Word on These Busy Days

The end of this first semester is in eye shot. I cannot believe it. I have, indeed, learned alot. My final projects are coming around. In photography I am working on an 'empowered women' series. Which I am very excited about. Exploring what empowers other women and myself. I am grateful for all the ladies that are helping on the project!!! In my 3-D class I am attempting to carve a shutter (not a window shutter) out of plaster.....it's coming along rather well. And last but not least for drawing I am drawing crayons.....they look a bit like worms...but I think that it is going to turn out ok. 

To be quiet honest, I am experiencing a confidence issue.....sort of in that limbo area of 'what the hell was I thinking' and 'making these changes are great.' I have read so much about other people and their success and how they got there.....so many inspiring stories. One thing in common is that each one had a bit of fear or anxiety in them......I am feeling it....so I am going to take that as a good sign :). So, I am going to set a few more goals and put the nose to the creative grindstone and see what the next few months have in store!!!!!

On another note, I am cleaning up my website and trying to get the word out there.....so if you like it make sure to tell a friend!!!!!! Oh the possibilities!!!!

Pictures are to come on the finished product of this first semester. I am excited for the next one to begin, but I am more excited about the holidays!!!!!!