Finding Art in Everyday Life

We have trees!!!!!! What does this have to do with art? Everything! I was recently introduced to an artist (not formally) that takes everyday life and shows us the art in it. Bruce Nauman is his name. Yes, he can be very strange, but according to one of my professors he is a game changer! If you have a moment you should check him out where I found him

I am very interested in his Setting a Corner Post. A video featuring him literally setting a corner post for a fence. I have had experience in fence building.....and building in general....I feel I can understand the art in the action. Creating something from nothing. Also, creating something practical as art. 

Nauman does have some strange work, I do not and will not claim to understand him completely, but this is one aspect of his work that I feel I relate to. 


So, you have now experienced the art of setting a tree!!! Believe me, I am thankful for the help. They seem to be doing very well and I am enjoying every minute of them!